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Shake me! Unfiltered Prosecco

Client  Corvezzo
Photo  Chiara Rigato
Year  2019

Label for “Shake me! Unfiltered”, an organic and unfiltered Prosecco by Corvezzo Winery, made with an ancient method. Differently to what everyone is used to, you have to gently shake this sparkling wine before consumption, to taste it at its best. The winery noticed that clients were reluctant to do it, and the message wasn’t that clear on the bottle.

To solve this problem we centered all the label concept around this single message. The cut arrows, supported by the product name itself, were the best way to make the message loud and clear. The transparency game and the white background keeps the label minimal and bold, to create curiosity and pop up on a shelf, making people looking into more information and try this new way of enjoying Prosecco.

Prosecco progettazione grafica


Prosecco packaging design


grafica etichetta vino prosecco


Shake me wine label design


Prosecco progettazione grafica etichetta