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Branding, Packaging


Client  Mulino Padano
Photo  Giacomo Rebecchi
Styling photo  Dry design
Year  2019

Mulino Padano launched GranEssere, a new line of products like Bran, Fine Bran and Wheat Germ. We took care of the art direction and in particular we designed the logo and all the materials for the launch.

GranEssere combines technology and the attention for healthiness. It features advanced ingredients and flours with superior organoleptic characteristics, extended shelf life and high nutritional value, keeping in line with the consumer demand for healthy and natural food.

We wanted to communicate these concepts trough a clean aesthetic, using the amazing colors of the ingredients to create imeges that can speack for themselves.


Visual GranEssere crusca cruschello germe di grano


Packaging design flours



Progettazione brochure GranEssere


Brochure design GranEssere Mulino Padano


Visual styling GranEssere farine


Germe di grano Food styling


Food photography and styling GranEssere


Styling still life food Mulino Padano